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The first draft of book 2 of the Revenant series is completed, home stretch for publishing, now I need to do the fun stuff ….. editing 🙂

Got the word today Revenant will launch next week on Kindle Unlimited , it is now officially available on all formats WOOT

For those of you who have purchased the audible copy of Revenant, I wanted to say thank you, the sales numbers have far exceeded my own goals and I am humbled. Now I ask for a small favor for those of you who do. I pay close attention to reviews to find ways to improve the users […]

If you have credits with audible or prefer itunes or amazon, pick up your audio book copy of Revenant today.   AUDIBLE LINK | AMAZON LINK  

So as we come into the release of Revenant on Audible and the re-edit of Revenant itself (just tweaking some small things) I figured I would take the time to post (only once a week) some of my favorite scenes from Revenant.   “The Nismel came falling out of slip space trailing a large section of the […]

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday, back to work today with more audio file reviews and writing on Jamestown. Just wanted to leave you guys with this, from me to you.  

One of the things that alot of authors don’t do enough of these days is research, for any book where you are going outside of your comfort zone its important to talk to experts in the field. For “The UnderGround” I have been talking to people from Homeland security, Anti Terrorism experts, anyone I can get ahold […]

Got the word today, Revenant Files approved for Audible, Amazon and Itunes. It will now go through there QA process and pending no issues it will be approved in 14 days WOOT. Revenant Finally comes to audible.

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